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August 17, 2013 Wedding, Jad and Myamee, Father Daughter Dance. Mt Rainier.

Living in a small town is a mixed blessing      

We try to make the best of it.

Mostly the jobs and opportunities are small, but the pace of live is often a good place to be!

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Jack and Tina Johnson of Corunna

Meet the Family coming soon Zeus
We live and work much of the time in Corunna. Our offices and operations are divided among a few locations. Our "State Street" compound, and our "World Headquarters" on Liberty in Ann Arbor Primarily a Web Hosting Ecommerce Company, we also run an online music store, piano service,  luthier and a small independent recording label. Cincinnati and Seattle.  

Jason, Skotti, Haylee, Amoreena and Graham have all been released from the bow and are on their own trajectories throughout these United States. No one abroad, yet. 


Harry and Lennon make acquaintence. click for video

Just Lookin for Places to Play. Join us at Drews or Tanglewood for an evening of unplugged Classic Rock, Singer Songwriter and Story Songs.

You Can Close Your Eyes - JacknTina - YouTube - cover of James Taylor Carly Simon :)

Shiawassee      County is traversed by the Shiawassee River. There are also many "gravel pits" throughout.

215 E State St Corunna MI 48817  Ph: 989-743-5000 email: or